Financial Management Consulting

Financial management consulting services and insights to better inform business strategy and improve operational efficiency.

Change and growth are constants in today’s business environment. Emerging trends and unforeseen events will continue to impact the way we do business and require organisations to respond in new and innovative ways.

To meet these demands, Finance Managers and CFOs will need to adopt a more proactive, forward-looking stance. This will require new skills for the CFO to more actively integrate with the business, to provide innovative thinking around business possibilities and to execute strategy in a controlled and considered way.

By developing a tailored “financial workbench” that identifies strategic benefit, cost and risk, agencies will be able to make much more informed decisions, build financial resilience, and find a “best fit” approach that improves organisational strategy, processes, systems, and people.

Centium’s financial management consulting services can help you position your organisation to meet each of these challenges.


Planning, Forecasting & Budgeting

Planning, forecasting, and budgeting have a future orientation. Centium can help position our Finance clients to become more ‘future ready’. We achieve this by deploying a combination of rolling forecasts, driver-based and agile iterative planning, output-based budgeting, advanced planning technology and a financial curiosity. We also work with the rest of your business to identify opportunities, overcome shocks and provide ongoing direction & advice to Finance.

Strategic Business Performance KPIs & Analytics

Many organisations find that their overall strategy is not fully aligned or consistently integrated across the business – particularly their financial management and reporting processes. Centium can help businesses adopt a Balanced Scorecard approach to help them integrate forward leading indicators across the organisation. This approach also provides a coherent framework that links the organisation’s strategy to the four dimensions of performance –financial, customer, internal process, and learning and growth.  

Revenue Analysis & Management

With the reliability of revenue projections having been tested by the Global Pandemic, maintaining and ensuring business continuity is vital. Centium can help organisations to achieve viable and flexible continuity through the contemporary finance function, by:

  • Developing new pricing and revenue models that support product innovation
  • Bringing new economic paradigms to decision making
  • Supporting sales forecasting using statistical models
  • Undertaking product and customer profitability analyses
  • Focussing marketing investment decision making.

Centium can also assist Finance to implement measures that track sales along the various stages of the customer journey, including marketing messages/campaigns, lead generation, prospect conversion, customer lifestyle value and referral management. These sales events can be monetised and displayed in an easy to action presentation layer.

Product Profitability & Cost Analysis

Across all levels of Government and business there is an endless quest for value creation and efficiency dividends that aligns the focus on improving inefficient processes and reducing FTEs. While costing and profitability are important tools, the rise of the service economy has stretched traditional thinking in relation to profit analysis to include activity-based costing techniques.

Centium can provide agencies and businesses with well-researched and informed options around pricing, strategic sales focus, product mix, product and/or customer disinvestment, and customer retention activity.

Financial System and Process Improvement

Traditional Finance transaction functions already often stress Finance and Accounting’s resources. The recent focus on strategic planning processes and decision making only adds to this stress, driving the need for higher skills not usually found in transaction processing staff.

Centium can assist agencies in identifying the key business processes and assessing them in terms of cost, performance (cycle time, customer viewpoint, and reliability), and strategic importance. Using this information, we can then clearly map out efficiency savings and improvement options for management to consider. We can also help with the adoption of technology and organisation design principles to accelerate productivity.

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