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The average cost of downtime from a cyber-attack is $274,000.

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Almost half of all cyber-attacks are aimed at SMEs

Cyber-attacks are on the rise, and they're no longer just targeting big business. Since early 2020, attacks on SME have become more:


A business falls victim to a cyber-attack every 11 seconds


Recovery and downtime costs run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars


Ransomware attacks targeting remote workers have increased 715%


70% of SMEs who don't recover within a week go out of business

Improve your cyber security practices and readiness in two minutes.

How well is your cyber security safeguarding your critical business and client data?

Centium has created a free online evaluation tool to assess your cyber security readiness in just 2 minutes. Designed by Cyber Security experts, this simple but comprehensive tool is:


It's free to use and provides expert recommendations that could otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars in consultation fees.


Based on the information you provide, you'll receive custom recommendations for your specific business.


You'll receive your recommendations directly to your email, almost immediately after completing your evaluation.


Recommendations are up to date with current security trends and regulations, and the biggest threats currently facing businesses like yours.

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Centium are a leading Australian agile management consulting firm that specialises in minimising risk for SME's and government organisations. Our expert team deliver innovative Cyber Security and Resilience solutions, tailored to your business's unique requirements and priorities.

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