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Probity & Governance


Probity ensures integrity, accountability, transparency, and honesty, serving as the cornerstone of ethical organisational conduct. Upholding the highest standards of probity provides organisations with assurance that their activities align with values, legislation, policy guidelines, and best practices.

About Us

At Centium, we specialise in assisting clients with ensuring robust decision-making, particularly in complex, high-value, and sensitive matters. We understand the importance of probity in upholding public trust and safeguarding the integrity of organisational operations.

Our Approach to Probity & Governance

We specialise in upholding probity, integrity, and ethical conduct across all organisational activities. Probity ensures integrity, accountability, transparency, and honesty, aligning with organisational values, legislation, policy guidelines, and best practices.

Ethical conduct is foundational to maintaining trust, reputation, and operational efficiency. We collaborate closely with clients to enhance ethical practices through our probity methodology, comprehensive ethical conduct and compliance training packages, and personalised advisory services. Our approach emphasises collaboration, knowledge transfer, and empowerment.

Our Team of Probity & Governance Experts

Centium is proud to have a team of highly qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds. Our team includes legally qualified individuals, former senior executive government staff, and highly experienced procurement and grants specialists who have worked in both public and private sectors. This breadth of expertise allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions tailored to your organisation's specific requirements.

Our Probity & Governance Services


We provide advisory, audit, and maturity services to ensure organisations uphold the highest standards of probity.


From advisory to end-to-end management, we support clients in navigating procurement processes effectively.

Governance and Organisational Capability

We offer governance as a service, board performance assessments, organisational structure reviews, policy development, and strategic planning services.

Grant Program Design and Management

Our expertise spans advisory, grant program design, management, administration, and audit services.

Ethical Advisory

We assist in managing conflicts of interest and promoting ethical conduct throughout your organisation.

Establishment of Funding Vehicles and Schemes 

We provide advisory and design services for setting up funding vehicles and schemes tailored to your needs.

Learning and Development

We deliver structured learning and development programs for public sector and not-for-profit organisations to empower staff and foster a culture of integrity and compliance, thereby enhancing organisational effectiveness and reputation.

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Explore how Centium can support your organisation in achieving probity, ethical excellence, and operational success. Contact us to learn more about each service or to discuss your specific needs.


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