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Documenting a Delegations of Authority

December 9, 2015

It is good governance to clarify and document the Delegations of Authority that apply within your organisation. A documented delegation helps employees to understand their authority to make decisions, including commitments to expenditure, on behalf of your entity.

The Governance Institute has developed a new Good Governance Guide on things to consider when developing a Delegations of Authority. It covers important topic areas such as: internal v external delegations; accountability mechanisms; the role of the Company Secretary; the legal context; risk considerations and more.

If you need a hand in updating your existing Delegations of Authority or developing one from scratch, or if you'd simply like a fresh set of independent eyes to look over your current one, have a chat with us to find out how we can help. We can apply lessons learnt (both how to incorporate good observations and how to avoid bad ones) that we've accumulated over 25 years experience in the game.

We can also assess and help improve your overall governance controls beyond just your Delegations of Authority. From risk management, to fraud control, to compliance management and more, you can benefit from our experience across all industry sectors.

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