Executive Management Team

Phil O'Toole

Managing Director
Phil is a respected strategist, adviser and thought leader in legislative compliance, business improvement, risk management, probity, assurance and ethical conduct across the public and private sectors. Previously, he had over 25 years’ experience in the NSW Public Sector, including six years as a Director in the NSW Attorney Generals Department. Phil is a former NSW Chapter Chair of the Institute of Internal Auditors Australia (IIA) and a regular Chair and presenter at conferences and seminars for various professional bodies. He has also been an expert witness for ICAC and judicial hearings.

Penny Corkill

Director Risk & Assurance
Penny is a highly experienced and qualified internal and risk management professional, with strong communication and relationship-building skills. She leads a team of auditors, project managers and senior consultants in delivering service excellence across audit, risk, governance, organisational analysis and strategy, Workforce Planning and WHS. Her experience spans Local, State and Federal Government operations. Penny has a Master of Business in Organisational Analysis and Strategy and a Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing.

Peter Mulhall

Director Ethical Conduct & Investigation
Peter leads a team of senior consultants who investigate performance and conduct matters and provide training in ethical conduct across the public and private sectors. He is an accomplished investigator and respected adviser who has conducted and led many investigations and reviews of complex and sensitive matters. Previously, he had 25 years’ experience in the public sector, including Executive Management positions within Utilities, Justice and Gaming Regulatory agencies. He is a fellow of the Australian Institute of Professional Investigators and a former President of its NSW Chapter.

Specialist Advisors

Chris Wheeler

Ethical Conduct & Investigation
Chris specialises in complaints management, public interest disclosures, and code of conduct and fraud and corruption awareness and training. Previously, Chris was the NSW Deputy Ombudsman for 25 years. In that role, his responsibilities and achievements included: Developing guidelines and related training programs on ethical conduct Managing and personally conducting numerous management, misconduct and legal investigations Conducting hearings exercising Royal Commission powers Regularly presenting at conferences, seminars and training sessions.

Sarah Artist

Manager, Strategy & Engagement
Sarah is a highly experienced local government specialist in the areas of strategic leadership, good governance, performance improvement, and innovation and she has a Masters of Public Policy. She has held senior management roles within and across the local government sector for over twenty years with responsibility for research, teaching and consulting. In recent years Sarah has led the design and delivery of major sector-wide capability and performance initiatives for elected and professional leaders on key topics of sector relevance - including good governance and financial performance, amalgamating councils and local government reform

Vipan Chauhan

Director, Cyber, IT & Business Continuity
Vipan has over 13 years’ senior experience in Information Security, audit and risk management. He has also managed risk and security operations and the selection and protection of applications and networks in production environments for a wide variety of Corporate and Government clients. He has extensive experience in performing security reviews, assessments and audits in IT environments including PCI DSS, ISO27001 and the Australian Information Security Manual. He currently manages Centium’s ISMS, PCI DSS, BCMS and Cyber Security related projects for our clients.

Elizabeth Wall

Local Government Governance / Ombudsman
Elizabeth is a local government governance specialist and has wide-ranging experience in management positions in NSW councils. In addition to recently performing an extensive period as acting Ombudsman at a NSW Council, Elizabeth has significant experience providing specialist advice on complex issues to senior management to achieve desired governance outcomes, enable compliance and reduce risk. Elizabeth has a natural ability to build relationships with stakeholders and has a particular interest in providing training on conduct issues to staff and on meeting procedure to staff and elected officials.

Howard Wigham

Business Advisory
Howard is an independent non-executive director, business adviser, coach and mentor. He helps boards, CEOs and senior leaders of public, private and Government enterprises to thrive by assisting them to navigate strategic, financial, operational, organisational and personal challenges. He has an excellent track record as a Divisional CEO in creating, delivering and capturing value for customers, employees and shareholders in complex businesses, in different geographies and industries, and at different stages of the business and product life cycle.

Graham Gorrie

Legal, Gambling Regulation
Graham is a highly skilled practitioner with decades of experience in providing legal advice and acting on behalf of corporate and commercial clients. Graham has specialist expertise within the gambling industry, where he has assessed regulatory systems and improved governance for both Federal and State Regulatory bodies, including controls relating to Anti-Money Laundering. Areas of law include: Commercial transactions, Conveyancing, Sale and Purchase of Businesses, Litigation, Criminal Law and Corporate Governance.

Aaron Westwood

Work Health & Safety
Aaron has considerable HSEQ audit experience, having completed over 150 audit assignments in Australia and internationally as Lead Auditor or as part of an audit team. He has also been involved in the development of commercially available audit protocols and tools as well as custom audit tools and support packages. Aaron has assisted in the development and certification of safety, environmental and quality management systems for over 50 clients in a wide range of industries nationally and internationally.

Rod Crowder

Business Continuity
Rod Crowder is Centium’s Specialist Business Continuity Advisor. Rod has over 25 years experience in Business Continuity, Resilience, BCP, ITDRP & Information Security projects across Asia Pacific, for 140+ clients and over 420 client consultancy projects. Rod is Country representative of Disaster Recovery Institute International and chairs the Adaptive Business Continuity Advisory Group. An international think-tank committed to developing new resilience and business continuity methodologies and practices. He is a regular speaker at Asia Pacific and USA Continuity Conferences such as CIMC, DRI and BCI.

Gavin Cator

Local Government
Gavin is a highly regarded, esteemed and recognised Local Government leader with decades of hands-on experience in the sector. He has been the Chief Executive of Greater Shepparton City Council, Wodonga City Council, Moira Shire Council, Berrigan Shire Council and more. In each of the above CE positions Gavin had proven experience in implementing accountable operations, maximising revenue, and improving productivity. This was achieved by facilitating genuine community consultation which provide proven transparent outcomes for any Council and their communities.


Preetika Kohli Chopra
IT and Information Risk Management
Preetika is an experienced IT and Information risk management specialist with over eight years’ experience in IT Audits, IT Governance and Risk & Compliance. She has delivered projects across various industries and is an ISO 27001 Certified Lead Auditor. She is passionate about providing bespoke solutions through her work, combining her experience of best practices with an understanding of client’s strategic aim and organizational context. Preetika has performed IT Internal audits on our clients’ Infrastructure, application and database layers, as well as numerous Cyber security audits on network infrastructure.
Greg Martin
Internal Audit
Greg’s career spans territory, state and federal government. He is an experienced Internal, Operational and Performance audit professional with proven expertise in managing, planning, conducting and reporting on assessments focussed on identifying opportunities for improvement. He is also an experienced governance, risk and compliance professional with proven expertise in engaging stakeholders in the implementation and maintenance of frameworks that strengthen organisational governance and risk management.
Kelsey McNaughton
Internal Audit
Kelsey is an experienced auditor with over seven years’ experience auditing in State and Local Government sectors. She has performed financial audits across many government agencies, resulting in her excellent ability to assess risks, analyse data and ensure adequate coverage over material balances in a public sector environment. She has also conducted performance audits focused on efficiency and effectiveness in the local government sector. Kelsey has a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and has completed the CPA Australia program.
Scott Webb
Internal Audit
Scott Webb is an experienced Audit, Risk and Governance professional who has been a partner and trusted advisor of a broad cross-section of government agencies in NSW for more than 35 years. He has a demonstrated passion to contribute to the continual improvement of the Public Sector. His professional focus is to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of operations while maintaining accountability and transparency. As an operational auditor, Scott has audited an array of specialist operational functions across the NSW Public Sector. He has also performed several quality assurance reviews of internal audit functions.
Ajay Bakshi
Cyber Security & IT
Ajay is an experienced ICT professional with over 15 years’ experience in Systems Architecture, Networks, Virtualization technologies, Information Security, Audits and Risk management. He has managed IT operations in different roles and for various medium and large organisations. He has delivered various IT infrastructure projects with a focus on Cyber security and is an ISO 27001 Certified Lead Auditor. Ajay holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology (Griffith University) and has Industry Certifications such as MCSE, IBM p System Certified, RHCE, ITIL V3 and ISO 27001:2013 Lead Auditor.
Rachelle Barroga
Office Manager
Rachelle recently joined Centium as our Office Manager. With over 20 years of experience in Information Technology, Rachelle has extensive knowledge in Project Management and enjoys a fast-paced environment. The office manager role is rapidly changing in today’s Corporate Culture. In the past, the Office Manager was primarily responsible for administrative tasks. However, in her new role Rachelle has rapidly assumed the role of an active behind-the scenes powerhouse to Senior Level Management, contributing both on the administrative side, day-to-day business operations and long-term business development planning.
Mohamed Zorob
Cyber Security & IT
Zorob is an experienced ICT professional with over 14 years’ experience in ICT Project Management, Infrastructure Architecture, Information Security & Virtualization. He has worked in different roles for large, multi-national organisations. Zorob has a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and has several industry certifications, including AWS CCP, PMP, ITILv3 and MCSE.

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