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Local Government Section 355 Committees

August 16, 2016

Under Section 355 of the Local Government Act 1993, Councils can delegate some of their functions to Committees. Councils may use this delegation to appoint members of the community to manage facilities or functions through a Committee of management.

The Office of Local Government (OLG) has issued Circular 16-24 / 15 August 2016 / A506736 advising of recent cases of Section 355 Committees failing to meet basic governance and accounting standards. It reiterates the need for the activities of such Committees to remain transparent and subject to critical oversight. They must remain able to demonstrate clear links with the goals of Councils' Delivery Programs, while meeting required standards of governance.

The Circular encourages Councils to review the operations of all Section 355 Committees to ensure they remain "fit for purpose" and their functions and expenditures align with the goals of Councils' Delivery Programs.

Centium's Directors and consultants have been working alongside Local Government agencies for over 30 years. We understand Council practices, culture and operations. We are well placed to independently review and assess the operations of Section 355 Committees to ensure appropriate governance, risk and compliance controls are in place and that the Committees remain aligned with Councils' Delivery Programs.

To find out more about our expertise in this area, and how we can provide you with the assurance you need, contact us for a chat.

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