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Minimise Your Recruitment and Selection Risks

September 5, 2018

How robust are your recruitment and selection processes? Does your organisation take all reasonable steps to mitigate selection-based risks? Have you kept pace with good practice?

In light of recent media coverage at the City of Parramatta Council, recruitment and selection processes in Local Government have become a hot topic. Reputational risks aside, appointments in Local Government are expensive – especially when you factor in advertising, panellist time, recurrent remuneration, flexible working arrangements, and induction and training costs. When factoring in performance management and exit costs, poorly informed decisions may amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the appointment.


We have unparalleled experience undertaking recruitment and selection and related HR audits in a Local Government context, including workforce planning, performance development, and HR Health Checks.

We can review your recruitment governance framework, assess your recruitment planning and advertising processes, independently appraise your selection processes, and ensure processes are in place to reasonably check the qualifications, experience and background of preferred candidates. As our team includes qualified HR practitioners, we can also provide valuable advice regarding contemporary good practice and the implementation of the Local Government Capability Framework, as well as share learnings from other Councils and government agencies.


Centium has had the privilege of working alongside over 56 City, Shire, and large City Councils since 1985. This arms us with a strong operational knowledge of Council business, risks and good practice.

We are now also one of only ten companies on the newly established Local Government VendorPanel™ for Internal Audit & Management Consulting Services.

NSW Local Councils can now engage Centium directly for these services without having to seek quotations or go to tender, even where the value is greater that the legislated tendering threshold ($150,000 per Section 55 of the Local Government Act 1993).

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