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Navigating the PID Act 2022 in Local Government workplace investigations - A free resource 

May 27, 2024

It can get pretty complicated when you're trying to navigate the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022 (PID Act), Model Code of Conduct Procedures (the Procedures) and Industry Guidelines when conducting a workplace investigation in local government. To assist in bringing clarity to this challenge, Centium has developed a free resource tailored specifically for local government HR and governance professionals to help meet your obligations. The resource includes a very helpful comparison of procedural requirements in the PID act to those in the Procedures.

Why is this resource so essential? In the realm of local government, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct is paramount. However, understanding the maze of legislation, codes of conduct, and industry guidelines can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to conducting workplace investigations.

Recognising the need for clarity and guidance, our team at Centium, known for our expertise as pre-eminent workplace investigators, PID Act experts, and specialists in local government practices, integrity, and ethics, has developed this resource as a practical tool and roadmap.

Comprehensive Coverage: We've examined the procedural nuances of each framework and distilled them into an easily digestible format. Whether you're grappling with disclosure procedures under the PID Act 2022, investigating breaches of the Model Code of Conduct, or adhering to industry guidelines on workplace investigations, our table has you covered.

Practical Guidance: Beyond just outlining the requirements, our resource provides practical insights and recommendations for navigating the investigation process effectively. From selecting investigators to ensuring procedural fairness, we offer actionable advice tailored specifically to the unique context of local government governance.

Empowering Local Government Professionals: We believe in empowering local government professionals with the tools you need to succeed. That's why our resource is available for free download, ensuring accessibility for all those involved in governance roles within local councils. 

Whether you're a council member, governance officer, or HR professional in the local government sector, our resource is designed to streamline your understanding of, and approach to, workplace investigations. Bid farewell to confusion and uncertainty – download our table today and unlock a clearer path to ensuring integrity and accountability in your organisation's governance practices with Centium, your trusted partner in workplace investigations, integrity consulting and learning and development.

Chris Wheeler, Specialist Advisor, Ethical Conduct. Former Deputy NSW Ombudsman (1994-2019)

Key specialisations include:

  • Workplace, code of conduct and other administrative investigations. 
  • Management and handling of complaints (including the management and handling of complaints from individuals whose conduct is found to be unreasonable). 
  • Management and handling of public interest disclosures. 
  • Training in the management of public interest disclosures. 
  • Reviewing agency wide policies, procedures and practices for the management of complaints and public interest disclosures. 
  • Reviewing agency decisions and processes to determine if they were lawful, fair and reasonable. 
  • Training non-lawyer decision-makers in applicable administrative law principles. 

Get in touch to have your agency's policies, procedures, and practices reviewed by our experts for compliance and effectiveness. Alternatively, reach out to our Director of Probity & Ethics, Lisa Braid to obtain your Free Resource that helps you navigating PID and administrative law.

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