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NSW Government Internet of Things Policy Guidance

October 16, 2019

The NSW Government has released a new policy guidance in line with a focus on taking advantage of the opportunities for efficiency enhancement and improved decision making enabled by IoT.

The IoT Policy Guidance provides practical guidance, advice on standards and tools and templates to help organisations effectively develop and manage an IoT-enabled project.

Among other points the guiding principles require building in Cyber Security and Data Privacy considerations into any initiatives, in consideration of the nature of data being collected and used as well as the inherent cyber security vulnerabilities and risks of the connected devices.

The policy has several recommendations to help initiatives build in Security & Privacy by Design including

  • Understanding the data being collected and used
  • Compliance to frameworks recommended by IoTSF
  • Conducting privacy impact assessments

Details of the policy can be found at https://www.digital.nsw.gov.au/policy/internet-things-iot

Centium’s experts in GRC, Cyber security and IoT / Industrial control devices are currently working with a number of public sector clients in implementing frameworks and conducting compliance audits and assessments as well as Privacy Impact Assessments.

Download the NSW Government’s Internet of Things Policy

Module 1 - The Internet of Things in NSW

Module 2 - Project Scoping

Module 3 - Project Planning

Module 4 - Making the Case

Module 5 - Procure

Module 6 - Set Up

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