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The NSW Government Delivery and Performance Committee (DAPCO)

October 28, 2019

The NSW Government Delivery & Performance Committee (DAPCO) sits alongside Cabinet and the Expenditure Review Committee (ERC). It is tasked with assessing the digital or data components of every new policy proposal to ensure services are more seamless and uniform. It is part of the Government's pledge of "digital first".

Minister Dominello has described it as a “powerful” new committee, which requires agencies to work through additional processes to secure funding for projects and budget applications., DAPCO sign-off is needed before agencies move forward to Cabinet and the ERC, the government's two other major structures for determining budget priorities. It is comprised of five of the government’s most senior ministers, including Premier Gladys Berejiklian, Treasurer Dominic, and chaired by Minister Dominello himself.

In addition to signing off on policy proposals, the committee will also be tasked with allocating funding from the recently announced whole-of-government $100M digital restart fund. The fund is intended to support IT projects that promote common platforms over the next two years.

How this impacts our clients

Agencies need to submit their proposals and project budget requests via this committee first in order to even be considered to be allowed "through the door" to Cabinet and the ERC. Agencies will need to anticipate the three sets of questions the committee will ask of each proposal that centre around data architecture, digital design and whether the customer was adequately considered:

• Data Architecture: “What is your data architecture? Is it open data? Is it across the five safes or ten safes model? Is it something that can be opened up straight away or is it something that should be locked down because it’s super private? Is it data in real-time?
• Digital Design: What’s the digital design? Has it got a dashboard? Is it in real-time? Is it a dynamic dashboard, like you expect to see with the stock exchange or is it a piece of wallpaper? And what does that dashboard look like? Does it look the same as every other agency? Does it look and feel like one government or does it look like it’s from Mars and Venus?
• Customer: What’s the customer focus or the customer lens? Are we treating the person of our state as a fraction of each department or are we treating them as a whole? Is it a typical, "tell us once" approach to government?

How Centium can help

Data Security and Data Privacy Assessments are two key considerations that can support a positive answer to the Data Architecture questions. For any assistance, contact us.

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