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Whistleblower Policies - New Legislation Regime

September 25, 2019

From 1 July 2019 there are more stringent company requirements under new Commonwealth 'Whistleblower' legislation.

What are the issues?

Organisations are now developing and introducing their own Whistleblower policies to meet legislative requirements with many still 'finding their feet' preparing their policies, practices, training, communications, and record-keeping processes.

What does this mean for you?

There will be many practical issues to work through under the new legislative regime, particularly for organisations that previously did not have strong and defined disclosures policies and practices, but who will now be subject to much more stringent requirements for clear robust Whistleblower Policies and Protections from 1 January 2020.

How Centium Can Help

With Centium's current in-depth experience in advising organisations how to manage their Whistleblower disclosures, we are well positioned to provide detailed practical guidance across meeting the new legislative requirements.

This includes the opportunity for Centium to conduct an independent 'health check' of new Whistleblower policies being drafted, as well as supporting and training the much broader range of employees who may receive Disclosures and the strict confidentiality requirements about this.

Centium offers customized guidance and support for organizations across:

  • Whistleblower Policy development, review and communication
  • Reporting avenues for Disclosures
  • Protection of disclosers and maintaining confidentiality
  • Training the much broader range of staff who can now receive Disclosures
  • How Investigationsinto Disclosures should be managed
  • Providing advice on differentiating Disclosures of personal work-related grievances not subject to protections under the new legislation
  • Establishing and maintaining confidential record keeping of Disclosures

We at Centium can assist you in meeting your obligations under the new legislation, including reviewing your compliance readiness - please contact Roy Cottam Director, Ethical Conduct and Investigations

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