Workplace Investigation & Review

Confidential, high quality independent investigation services to assist in enhancing your corporate culture, productivity and morale

Apart from doing the right thing by the organisation and its staff, ethical conduct in the workplace results in increased productivity, improved staff morale and teamwork, protection of assets, and enhanced public image and brand value.

Our Ethical Conduct & Investigations practice exists to assist our clients to achieve and maintain a robust governance framework and an ethical culture. This includes Code of Conduct training and advisory services that are focused on preventing fraud, corruption and misconduct.

We undertake high quality independent investigations of Code of Conduct breaches and workplace misconduct. We also have superior expertise and vast experience in investigating Public Interest Disclosures (PIDs) and reviewing and recommending improvement opportunities to complaint handling systems and processes.

Our clients entrust us with complex and sensitive matters and we are always responsive and thorough. Confidentiality, procedural and substantive fairness and respect for people are paramount in all our client engagements.


Code of Conduct Complaint Assessments & Investigations

We are appointed as conduct reviewers for approximately 100 Councils.  Our specialist investigators have superior expertise and vast experience in all matters relating to alleged misconduct that may be referred from our clients. Our team includes former senior governance staff from leading Councils, a former Council Ombudsman and a former Deputy NSW Ombudsman.

Our extensive experience in this area includes:

  • Preliminary assessments of complaints
  • Investigation of complaints
  • Successfully addressing long-standing conduct issues where others have failed
  • Providing value-adding recommendations on systemic matters
  • Expert advice on handling of complaints

Workplace Investigations

Each member of our multidisciplinary team of investigators has professional qualifications and vast experience in investigating workplace, civil and criminal matters. Our team includes senior human resource managers, CPAs and certified fraud examiners, lawyers, psychologists, law enforcement professionals, and a former Deputy NSW Ombudsman.

Our services include:

  • Triage of complaints
  • Investigation of complaints and allegations
  • In-house investigator training
  • Expert advice on handling of investigations

Privacy, Conflict of Interests & Public Interest Disclosures

We offer our clients a multidisciplinary team of privacy, conflict of interests and public interest disclosures, including a former Deputy NSW Ombudsman. Our experience includes matters before the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Ombudsman and Office of Local Government.

How we can help:

  • Alignment of privacy policies, procedures and practices with recognised best practice and sector-specific guidance
  • Reviews as to whether contentious issues/allegations were managed lawfully, ethically, fairly and competently
  • Development or review of conflict of interests policies
  • Review of public interest disclosures receipt and management procedures
  • Training and eLearning in privacy, conflicts of interests, ethics and fairness, and management of public interest disclosures

Complaints Management & Internal Reporting

We assist client organisations with reviews of their complaints management and internal reporting structures, policies and procedures. Our Ethical Conduct & Investigations team has vast experience in managing complaints, and a deep understanding of the legislative requirements that govern them. The team includes, as its senior advisor, a former Deputy NSW Ombudsman.

How we can help:

  • End-to-end reviews of complaints management and internal reporting processes
  • Development or review of disclosure policies and other related documentation
  • Review handling of individual disclosures
  • Independent review (i.e. Independent Ombudsman Service) in instances where external stakeholders are dissatisfied as to how their complaint was managed
  • Internal Ombudsman resource placements and secondments

Forensic Technology Solutions

We assist client organisations to obtain evidence of fraud and corruption, and other wrongdoing perpetrated by employees, contractors and competitors in an ever-changing digital environment. We then provide our clients clear and concise reports on our findings.

Our contemporary forensic services include:

  • Forensic examination and digital imaging of suspected desktop, laptop, mobile phones and other mobile devices
  • Extraction and collation of data from these devices to identify any inappropriate activity carried out on them
  • Location of lost or overwritten documents

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