Strategy, Performance & Engagement

Recent events have shown that organisations must adapt to a world that has changed in ways and on a scale that we never could have earlier imagined. Businesses need to ensure their planning, reporting and performance activities are aligned and agile so they can readily adapt to this dynamic environment.

Our team of lateral thinking strategists, integrated planning and workforce professionals collaborate with you to develop a responsive, client focused service delivery culture. We have the skills, experience and understanding to facilitate leadership, adaption, engagement integration and performance improvement.

We also ensure that our clients have robust and effective governance and performance reporting frameworks in place to underpin these improvement initiatives.


Strategy, Leadership & Planning

We work with clients to identify their long term goals, design their business model and develop strategic plans and resourcing strategies.

We add value to our clients by ensuring their planning activities are coordinated, aligned with strategic objectives and deliver the most efficient and cost effective outcomes. 

This assistance entails:

  • Strategic and business planning and integration
  • Plans of Management
  • Enterprise resource planning and resourcing strategies
  • Service reviews and improvement planning
  • Performance measurement and reporting
  • Reviewing authority matrices
  • Developing and revising policies and procedures
  • Reviewing decision-making practices and documentation

Community & Customer Engagement

We work with clients to understand and engage with their customers – analysing demographics and characteristics, gathering information about experiences and expectations, and testing customer ideas, perceptions and preferences. This process engenders customer buy-in and support for new management and service initiatives.

We can also support our clients to analyse and improve their own community and customer engagement practices in a capacity-building approach. This support includes:

  • Community consultation – design and delivery
  • Community engagement strategies
  • Customer surveys, focus groups and workshops
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Innovations in digital engagement methods
  • Advice and support for media relations and strategic communications
  • Best practice audit of community and customer engagement
  • Community consultation training

Workplace Planning & Management

The way we work is ever changing and working from home is fast becoming a new reality. This will necessitate new ways of thinking and planning to develop, manage, monitor and communicate with an increasingly remote workforce.

Our service offerings in this area include:

  • Strategy, service delivery and workforce alignment
  • Capability frameworks
  • Skills assessment and gap analysis
  • KPIs and performance reporting
  • Succession planning
  • Integration of remote and office-based teams
  • Role descriptions

Organisational Culture

To thrive and succeed, organisations need to understand the thoughts, feelings, symbols and rituals of their workforce and ensure that they reinforce aspects of the culture that reflect right-thinking and alignment with corporate strategy.

We can assist clients to achieve these objectives by:

  • Workforce health checks and culture reviews
  • Client focussed, service delivery reviews
  • Workforce change management and capability development
  • Code of Conduct training - induction and refresher
  • Change implementation and training programs
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