Learning & Development

An organisation’s workforce is their most valuable asset and greatest investment. Having a structured and proactive learning and development framework sets the foundation for the success and growth of not only the organisation’s human capital, but of the business as a whole.

Our team of experienced trainers and performance improvement professionals can provide learning and development solutions which ensure staff understand their compliance obligations, are skilled in contemporary business practices and are well positioned for ongoing growth and development.

Our engaging and effective face to face and innovative online eLearning programs can complement or replace clients' current training programs and be tailored to address client organisation's needs.


Code Of Conduct Training

Good governance requires that organisations make explicit their general conduct requirements and behaviour expectations in relation to various matters, including fairness and equality, harassment and discrimination, bullying, conflicts of interest and gifts and benefits. We provide face to face and online training for staff to understand and comply with these requirements, based on relevant legislation and an organisation’s policy framework.

Our services include:

  • Tailored Code of Conduct training
  • NSW Local Government Code of Conduct training
  • eLearning solutions, including tailored scenarios and interactive elements (click here to find out more)
  • Induction training and Refresher programs

Fraud & Corruption Awareness

Centium can assist our clients to better manage their fraud and corruption risks by facilitating awareness workshops, health checks against recognised standards, risk identification and assessment, and training delivery. These initiatives support the development of a fraud-resistant culture and minimise organisational risk.

How we can help:

  • High engagement fraud and corruption risk workshops
  • Fraud and corruption awareness eLearning solutions, including real life scenarios and interactive elements
  • Collaborative assessment of fraud and corruption control frameworks

Information Governance

Centium has developed a suite of eLearning modules for Councils in NSW which are available for Council to immediately enhance its compliance program. These self-paced online training solutions are designed to educate and reinforce messages to your staff about their conduct in a way that is accessible and enjoyable.

Our tailored offerings include:

  • Public Interest Disclosures - reminding staff of the nature and impacts of fraud and corruption, and encouraging the reporting of wrongdoing
  • Privacy - informing staff of their obligations outlined in Councils’ Privacy Management Plan in relation to the collection, storage, access, and disclosure of personal information
  • Records and Information – explaining to staff the importance of official records, rules regarding their storage and disposal, and the requirements of the GIPA Act

Councillor Training

Centium training professionals are familiar with the local government context for Elected Members, and can provide solutions on a range of topics relevant to the role of Mayors and Councillors in local government. People elected to office within local government are often experienced in community and business life, but elected life presents them with a diverse array of topics and issues on which they must make decisions. 

How we can help:

  • Professional development planning
  • Candidate briefings and induction programs
  • Code of conduct and other compliance training
  • Workshops, briefings and digital solutions
  • Specialist programs for Mayors


Local Government Finances

Council’s financial performance is impacted by the choices made by the elected body as well as managers across the organisation. Informed decision-making by people with financial oversight and budget responsibility is crucial to protect Council’s financial future. We can work with you to design a program for your Councillors and/or managers which builds their capabilities in understanding the local government context, managing, compiling or approving budgets, and in understanding, reporting on and improving financial outcomes.

Our training offerings include:

  • Overview of local government financial management
  • Budget development and management training
  • Councillor training
  • Financial sustainability workshops

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