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Learning & Development

Centium delivers structured and proactive learning and development programs for government agencies to help them meet statutory requirements and develop the capability of their people. We deliver training programs that complement and embed Centium’s risk management and performance improvement services.

Our training is highly engaging and includes contemporary content, scenarios and case studies that facilitate interaction and deliver enriched learning experiences. Every training engagement is tailored to meet client context and local policies and approaches.

Our team of experienced trainers and performance improvement professionals can provide learning and development solutions which can be delivered inhouse or online. Our engaging eLearning programs can also complement or replace clients' training programs and be tailored to address client organisation's needs.


Code Of Conduct Training

Good governance requires that organisations make explicit their general conduct requirements and behaviour expectations in relation to fairness and equality, harassment and discrimination, bullying, conflicts of interest and gifts and benefits. We provide face to face and online training for staff to understand and comply with these requirements, based on relevant legislation and an organisation’s policy framework.

Our services include:

  • NSW Local Government Code of Conduct training
  • eLearning solutions, including tailored scenarios and interactive elements (click here to find out more)
  • Induction training and Refresher programs

Councillor Training

Centium training professionals are familiar with the local government context for Elected Members and can provide solutions on a range of topics relevant to the role of Mayors and Councillors in local government. People elected to office within local government are often experienced in community and business life, but elected life presents them with a diverse array of topics and issues on which they must make decisions. 

How we can help:

  • Induction programs for newly elected Councillors
  • Code of Meeting Practice – understanding key provisions
  • Professional development planning
  • Specialist programs for Mayors
  • Candidate briefings for people considering standing for public office
  • Workshops, briefings and online solutions

Information Governance eLearning Modules

Centium has developed a suite of eLearning modules for State and Local government agencies which are available for organisations to immediately enhance their compliance programs. These self-paced online training solutions are designed to educate and reinforce messages to your staff about their conduct in a way that is accessible and enjoyable.

Our tailored offerings include:

  • Public Interest Disclosures - reminding staff of the nature and impacts of fraud and corruption, and encouraging the reporting of wrongdoing
  • Privacy - informing staff of their obligations outlined in Privacy Management Plans in relation to the collection, storage, access, and disclosure of personal information
  • Records and Information – explaining to staff the importance of official records, rules regarding their storage and disposal, and the requirements of the GIPA Act

WHS Site Inductions

WHS Site Inductions ensure that staff, contractors and visitors are aware of the specific procedures and rules for the workplace.  WHS site inductions can help to minimise the risk of death, injury or illness.

Centium has experience developing, publishing and supplying risk-based, site safety induction courses, including:

  • Site inspections to understand relevant features
  • Assessment of site risks, control measures and Protective Personal Equipment
  • Photographs of site relevant features
  • Storyboard development of courses (with client review)
  • eLearning course development, including a short questionnaire to test understanding


Preventing Bullying and Harassment

Bullying, discrimination and sexual harassment can cause major harm to the wellbeing of individuals. It can have an impact on an individual’s health and happiness, affecting their ability to do their job. Breaches can incur heavy costs for organisations, including fines, loss of reputation and high levels of employee turnover. On completing Centium’s tailored training course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand what is meant by the terms bullying and harassment
  • Identify the workplace impacts of bullying and harassment
  • Understand how bullying and harassment occurs and its impact
  • Understand how to respond to instances of alleged bullying or harassment
  • Outline differences between performance management and bullying
  • Resolve instances of bullying and harassment using formal and informal measures
  • Seek support through understanding the resources available

Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive workplaces are ones in which people feel they are valued, respected, they can speak up and feel safe to bring their whole self to work, have access to equal opportunities and are empowered to make a genuine contribution.

By fostering inclusive cultures, we support human rights, dignity and fairness, and we also benefit from workforce diversity, enabling innovation, improving productivity and driving better service delivery. Our Diversity and Inclusion training will cover:

  • Understanding EEO legislation
  • Overview of the impacts of discrimination
  • Benefits of diversity and inclusion
  • Features of an inclusive workplace: gender equity, cultural diversity etc
  • Describing the process involved in lodging a grievance
  • Responsibilities of staff and managers in EEO or harassment situations

Public Interest Disclosures

The new Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022 came into force in October 2023. The new Act is substantially different to the PID Act 1994 - it significantly strengthens criminal penalties and civil liabilities for individuals and agencies, imposing onerous training and awareness responsibilities on all managers and employees.

To ensure all those impacted are aware and informed of the changes and their implications, Centium has designed an implementation and awareness program that will ensure your organisation and its key staff are prepared for and compliant with the new Act. We are aware that the implementation plan must be reflective of and applicable to your agency’s workplace and operating environment, including its dedicated volunteer workforce.

We can offer:

  • Executive briefings
  • Training sessions for Disclosure Officers
  • General awareness eLearning programs
  • Coaching on the new requirements for people responsible for handling complaints

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