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Probity & Ethics

Ensuring ethical and transparent decision-making and processes.


Probity ensures integrity, accountability, transparency and honesty. Upholding the highest standards of probity provides organisations with assurance and comfort that their activities comply with organisation values, legislation, policy guidelines and best practice.

Centium assists clients with ensuring good and robust decision-making, especially in relation to  complex, high value  and sensitive matters.

We support government agencies in guaranteeing probity and upholding the public interest in their operations, including procurement, disinvestment, contract negotiations, grants allocation & management, bestowing awards, planning and development, recruitment and appointments.

Probity is firmly grounded on and aligned with ethics. Ethical conduct entails aligning values and morals, acting with integrity and ensuring responsible behaviour and accountability. Ethical conduct is paramount to maintain trust and reputation and ensure efficiency and appropriate use of resources.

Centium works closely with our clients to maintain and improve their ethical conduct. We achieve this via our proven Probity Methodology, extensive suite of Ethical Conduct training packages and tailored advisory services, which are all based on Collaboration, Knowledge Transfer and  Empowerment.




Probity can be defined as complete and confirmed integrity, uprightness and honesty. Upholding the highest standards of probity and integrity enables organisations to safeguard procurement, grants management and other major decision-making activities to ensure those activities and processes are robust and can withstand scrutiny.

  • Develop and review bespoke probity frameworks, plans and protocols
  • Probity risk assessment and management
  • Probity gap analysis
  • Probity controls
  • Ad hoc probity advice on specific matters
  • Management of conflict of interest
  • Probity Audit: review of processes to assess compliance with probity principles and gap analysis
  • Probity training

Management of Conflict of Interest

The management of conflict of interest, whether actual or perceived, is crucial to ensure the integrity of decision-making and processes.

Centium services:

  • Develop and review Conflict of Interest Frameworks
  • Conflict of Interest risk assessment
  • Conflict of Interest management strategies
  • Conflict of Interest protocols
  • Ad hoc advice on Conflict of Interest scenarios.


We provide probity advisory services in relation to procurement projects to ensure integrity, fairness, transparency, value-for-money and accountability of the process.  

Centium services:

  • Reviewing tender development, evaluation and reporting
  • Ensuring separation and distinction between tender and evaluation processes
  • Navigating engagement with stakeholders, including industry briefings, tenderers’ briefings and clarification
  • Management of conflict of interest
  • Advice on managing and minimising contract variation risks
  • Advice on procurement and contract risk exposure
  • Advice and probity advisory services for complex procurement processes, including facilitation of meetings and behavioural workshops

Grants & Awards

We support the development and review of grants frameworks, grant allocation and provision of awards to ensure that the processes are undertaken according to established criteria and probity principles.

Centium services:

  • Design and review of grants management framework
  • Review and probity advice on the assessment of grants applications
  • Navigating engagement with stakeholders, including debriefing sessions
  • Review and assessment of grants appeals
  • Managing conflict of interest
  • Ad hoc advice on specific matters

Appointment & Recruitment

We assist clients and provide probity advice in relation to senior recruitment and Board / Committee appointment processes.

Centium’s services:

  • Advice on end-to-end recruitment/appointment processes
  • Participation in or observing selection panels 
  • Advice and management of conflict of interest
  • Probity risk management
  • Ad hoc probity advice

Ethics & Ethical Conduct Training

Ethical conduct is of utmost importance and entails the principles of fairness, transparency, responsibility, efficiency and no conflict of interest. Ensuring and fostering ethical conduct culture is crucial for agencies to maintain public trust, accountability, and reputation.

  • Ethical decision-making guidelines/framework design
    • Engagements with stakeholders
    • Communication
  • Ethical Conduct training
  • Code of Conduct review
  • Code of Conduct training
  • Public Interest Disclosre Act (PID Act) training
  • Community engagement guidelines / training

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