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Risk & Assurance

Robust and proven risk and assurance management services specifically tailored to Government organisations

An effective assurance framework enables well-run organisations to identify and manage risks, make informed decisions, improve their internal systems and processes, and ultimately enhance their service delivery options.

One of Centium’s key differentiators is our approach to risk and assurance projects, including routine and complex reviews. We use proven methodologies and always consider our client’s context, geographic and regional issues, operating model, objectives and challenges.

Centium offers an independent perspective of our clients’ governance, risk and compliance systems to ensure that they are achieving their objectives.  Importantly, we create strong partnerships with our clients to build capacity, improve organisational resilience and facilitate management ownership of outcomes. 

We deliver risk and assurance services across a range of operating models, including as outsourced providers, co-sourced partners, and trusted advisors.  We are pleased to proactively work with our clients in a manner that best suits their business needs.


Internal Audit

At Centium, we offer a comprehensive range of internal audit solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Read more about our Internal Audit Services here.

Risk Management

At Centium, we are passionate about leveraging risk management as a catalyst for organisational success. Read more about our Risk Management Services here.

Fraud & Corruption Management

At Centium, we understand the critical importance of effective risk management in combating fraud and corruption.  Read more about our Fraud & Corruption Management Services here.

Service Reviews

In September 2021 the NSW Office of Local Government published new guidelines for Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R), which included a new requirement for NSW Local Councils to publish a program of service reviews.

Council Delivery Programs must identify areas of service that the Council will review during its term, and how the Council will engage with the community and other stakeholders to determine service level expectations and appropriate measures.

Centium can work with your Council to design a service review that is consistent with your context and available resources.  Centium has a service review methodology tailored to the local government sector, based on our team’s previous research and engagement with the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government.

Our project team includes truly experienced personnel with practical, hands-on experience in designing, implementing, managing and evaluating community and stakeholder engagement inside and across Councils.

Business Continuity Management

Sustainable businesses need to anticipate and adapt to continuous change. This entails preparing for and being well placed to quickly recover from present and possible threats and disruption.

How we can help:

  • Identifying critical business operations
  • Building and reviewing business continuity and resilience frameworks
  • Emergency management plans
  • Business continuity exercises and scenario testing
  • Business continuity and emergency management audits
  • Business continuity training and eLearning

Energy Retailer Compliance Audits

Centium assists energy retailers with a range of compliance audits to meet their annual regulatory and policy obligations, thereby assisting them to maintain their retailer authorisation.

We provide independent assurance that retailers have the systems, processes and evidence in place to administer and deliver services, including social programs, rebates and hardship initiatives. Our partnership approach facilitates improvement in governance and risk management, as well as service efficiencies.

How we can help:

  • NSW Social Programs for Energy Code audits – this audit provides independent assurance that retailers are managing energy rebates and energy account payment assistance (EAPA) vouchers. We are approved on the NSW Government SCM0005 Performance and Management Services Scheme to undertake these audits.
  • Hardship Compliance Audit – this is an audit of hardship requirements as specified by Retail Law, the National Regulations and applicable Rules, having regard for the retailer’s obligations under Australia Energy Regulator (AER) Compliance and Guidelines.

Acquittals & Attestations

We provide independent audit opinions on a range of financial and non-financial matters as required by funding agencies, regulators and other government agencies.  We provide assurance that our clients have the systems, processes and evidence in place to satisfy external reporting requirements. 

On this basis, we prepare acquittals and attestations, and where appropriate, provide high-level advice regarding improvements to controls.

How we can help:

  • Grants and other expenditure acquittals
  • Reviews of fiduciary controls
  • DRIVES & VicRoads audits
  • Privacy & CCTV audits
  • Compliance audits
  • Data analytics

Health, Safety & Environment

At Centium, we recognise the paramount importance of fostering a healthy and safe work environment .  Read more about our Work Health & Safety Services here.

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