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Project Assurance

August 23, 2016


Our client has a budget of over 1 billion per year. They have a medium sized ICT Department that uses a combination of permanent employees and outsourcing to deliver its ICT functions and services to their business operations teams.


We were engaged to perform a Project Health Check on a medium sized project that had a medium residual risk.


We used our Project Health Check methodology to perform the review and found that the project was well run and followed good project management processes and methodologies. In addition, the project team followed all internal organisational processes, specifically financial delegations and approvals. We were able to provide the project team with assurance that the project’s financial, scope and change management processes were adequate and appropriate for this project. We didn’t however, stop there as our intuition directed us to compare  project payments to the Systems Integrator with the estimates in the original business requirements. We found that  some of the  Systems Integrator invoices included variations for items that were previously agreed as part of the original scope.



Our analysis concluded that our client was invoiced $240K for variation work which was included in the standard price and our Client was able to obtain reimbursement of these monies from the Systems Integrator. This was a direct saving for the projects bottom line. Our detailed and proven project management skills were the key drivers to the success of this engagement.

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