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Lisa Braid joins Centium!

March 5, 2024

Centium Welcomes Lisa Braid to Our Executive Leadership Team, further enhancing our Probity & Governance Expertise

Lisa Braid recently joined Centium to enhance and lead our Probity and Governance practice. With a background in senior executive roles within various government sectors and not-for-profit organisations, Lisa brings a wealth of experience in governance, procurement, and fostering an ethics-driven environment.

Lisa has a proven track record in developing operational policies, implementing systems and controls, and prioritising risk management. Throughout her career, she has successfully led workplace change initiatives, managed audit and compliance functions, spearheaded policy reforms, and championed culture change efforts. Committed to public and community service, Lisa is excited to contribute to Centium's legacy of excellence by assisting organisations in managing risk, improving governance, and enhancing operational performance.

At Centium, we assist government agencies in ensuring integrity and safeguarding the welfare of the public across such activities as procurement, divestment, planning and development, contract discussions and variations, grant distribution and management, award ceremonies, as well as executive recruitment and Board appointments. We assist clients with ensuring effective, transparent and robust decision-making, especially in relation to complex, high value and sensitive matters.

We achieve this via our proven Probity Methodology, extensive suite of Ethical Conduct training packages and tailored advisory services, which are all based on Collaboration, Knowledge Transfer and Empowerment.

Centium welcomes Lisa to the Centium executive leadership team and invites you to learn more about her and Centium’s suite of Probity and Governance services by visiting our website at www.centium.com.au.

The festive season has arrived: end of year celebrations, lunches, dinners, drinks, gifts. Can you have it all?

Navigating professional relationships and managing conflict of interest, particularly in the public sector, is paramount. Receiving and giving gifts and benefits is a common practice at this time of year, and its intersection with probity issues is of relevant importance.

Probity matters that might arise within this context are:

  • Conflict of Interest [actual or perceived]
  • Impartiality and potential favouritism
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Lack of transparency.

Gifts and benefits policies offer great guidance to staff and stakeholders in relation to the ethical matters to consider in a professional setting, serving as a shield against improper behaviour. The key components of an effective gifts and benefits policy include:

  • Clear definition of acceptable gifts
  • Monetary thresholds
  • Disclosure requirements
  • Gifts & Benefits register
  • Consequences for non-compliance.

Integrating probity principles into your Gifts & Benefits Policy supports ethical and robust decision making.

Does your organisation have a Gifts & Benefits Policy? Is it customized to your work environment and cover all potential scenarios?

Further Information?

If you would like to explore how Centium can help your organisation enhance its probity posture, please reach out to Joan Cavalieri, Director Probity & Ethics on Email: joan.cavalieri@centium.com.au.

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