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Procurement & Contract Management Maturity Model

October 31, 2023

Procurement and contract management are two frequently occurring areas of mismanagement, fraud and corruption, both in and outside of the Government Sector

Centium has applied its many decades of combined auditing experience with the requirements and guidelines of Federal, State and Local Governments to develop an innovative and comprehensive risk maturity model over procurement and contract management.

Centium is now using this model to sharpen its auditing practices and to provide sound and targeted advice to organisations seeking to further improve the effectiveness of their procurements and to better safeguard against fraud and corruption.

The maturity model is a living example of Centium’s innovative and customer-centred approach to helping organisations better manage their risks. A snapshot of the model is copied below:

If you are interested in hearing more about the model, or in engaging Centium to review your procurement and contract management controls, contact Penny Corkill:

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