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Centium sponsors IIA event

March 3, 2017

Centium sponsored an IIA Members’ meeting held on 23 February, with the topic of the session being: “Inclusive Leadership – Enhancing the Career Progression of Women”.

In this engaging presentation, Dr Margaret Byrne  drew on findings from her filmed research. She took cameras into 30 organisations and recorded exactly how men and women communicate at work. She found that narrow and outdated definitions of both masculinity and leadership don’t disadvantage just women. They also have a negative impact on many men who, because of their personality, interests, cultural background or sexual orientation, may not be seen as ‘fitting in’. Still today, in many Australian organisations, both men and women can feel pressured to behave according to old stereotypes in order to be accepted and get ahead.

Margaret set out a few practical actions we can all take to create more inclusive workplaces, where women and men can work side by side, competing for senior roles on the basis of merit and talent alone. Finally, Margaret examined both the dividends and the very real difficulties presented by our differences.

The response to this session was overwhelming, with over 75 attending and a further 50 joining in the live coverage via Live Streaming. The feedback afterwards was also very positive – both for Margaret and Centium’s initiative, and will definitely go a long way to raising awareness of us within the IA profession.

During the event Centium's Managing Director, Phil O'Toole, presented numerous awards on behalf of the IIA to graduates of the Certificate in Internal Auditing program.

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