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Fraud and Corruption Management in Health Services

March 19, 2019

In December 2018, ICAC published a report entitled ‘Corruption and Integrity in the NSW Public Sector’, which highlighted a number of recent trends and events that have taken place within numerous government agencies in NSW over recent years. This report based its findings on real issues that have become a worrying trend in recent years, resulting in significant loss of reputation, funds and productivity across the Sector. The Cressey Fraud Triangle below provides a graphical depiction of the contributing factors (ie pressure, opportunity and rationalism) behind a worker’s decision to commit fraud.

Key trends and event risks from a fraud prevention and workplace investigation perspective include:

  • Workplace Misconduct & Bullying
  • Procurement & Contractor Management (Probity issues)
  • Delegations & Policy Management
  • Payroll & Timesheet Fraud
  • Use & Oversight of Contingent Workers
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Regulatory Discretion
  • Privacy & Data Breaches (including Health Records)

Additionally, when organisations merge and restructure the risk of fraud & corruption is ever prevalent and needs to be managed appropriately.

The health sector is vast and dynamic and operates at a very fast pace. Having sufficient time to assess potential risks and related controls and undertaking an independent view of the impacts of change can be very challenging, especially when such tasks are assigned to staff who are inside the business.

In tackling these issues, organisations such as NSW Health need to review their governance frameworks to ensure that their systems and processes are fit for purpose.

Centium is well placed as a professional advisory consultancy to assess and enhance the governance framework across NSW Health, including each Local Health District (LHD), Pillar and associated Health Support Service agency, resulting in pragmatic recommendations and cost-effective solutions that minimise fraud and corruption opportunities. This is based on our extensive experience working within the health and ethical conduct environments.

Centium is able to parachute specialists into any NSW Health agency at short notice and quickly review and add value to your governance culture in a structured and helpful way.

Centium works with the NSW ICAC, Audit Office and Ombudsman, so that it can remain in touch with the fraud and corruption detection and management environment. This enables the staff at Centium to remain knowledgeable and ahead of the game when advising senior health staff in these areas.

Centium is listed on the NSW Health Investigations and Code of Conduct Panel, making engagement easy. You can be sure that you’re using a pre-approved service provider.

Centium has senior specialist staff with many years of experience in areas such as: Governance Framework Reviews, Forensic Investigations, Work Place Fraud & Corruption Prevention, Fraud Prevention Planning, Probity, Internal Audit, Risk Assessment, Systems and Procedural Reviews, Contract and Procurement Management Reviews and ICT and Data Security and many more areas of specialism.

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