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New Premier's Circular on Information Security

April 30, 2016

The NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet has released a new Circular regarding information security for Ministers, Ministers’ staff, Department Secretaries and Senior Executives when travelling overseas. The Circular aims to protect digital information, NSW Government IT networks and the reputation of the NSW Government.

C2016-04 was released on the 22nd April 2016 and is mandatory for all Departments, agencies, and advisory entities (including Boards and Committees). It acts alongside (and does not replace) the NSW Digital Information Security Policy. It applies to  Ministers, Ministers’ staff, Department Secretaries and Senior Executives when travelling to countries identified as being ‘high risk’.

The key requirement of the Circular is to maintain "clean devices" which include all forms of mobile telephones, tablets, e-readers, laptop computers and wearable electronics. It sets out a number of controls and procedures that should be applied before, during and after travel. The controls are based on practices that have adopted by Commonwealth government agencies for some time, as defined in the Australian Information Security Manual (ISM).

Centium's information security team have had decades of practical experience in assisting entities to comply with ISM requirements, including the maintenance of "clean devices". As more and more government agencies move toward the adoption of Mobile Device Management solutions, it's increasingly important to ensure that they are configured in a manner that meets the requirement of this new Circular. Centium can assist in this regard.

Feel free to contact us for further information about this matter and how Centium can help.

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