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HR Review of Working Patterns and Salary Options

September 10, 2016


Our client is a medium sized, regionally-based organisation with significant community contact.  The work undertaken by employees has rapidly changed over a short period of time, with many employees now required to work outside normal business hours and on weekends to meet community service deliver expectations.


We were initially engaged to confirm that employees were appropriately remunerated outside of normal business hours, including by way of allowances, on-call payments and/or shift penalties.  We were also asked to provide advice regarding roles and employee numbers.


At the client’s request, the project was largely undertaken as a desktop exercise.  Consultation was also undertaken with HR specialists, nominated job experts and other key personnel to understand and confirm working patterns and service delivery requirements.

We undertook a comprehensive review of the employee timesheets over a twelve-month period to ascertain the extent of work undertaken out-of-hours.  We then applied data analytic techniques to analyse and graph the information by a number of categories, including weekday, role type, location, region, etc.

The results were subsequently re-modelled and costed using different remuneration structures, including shift penalties, overtime and grouped allowances.  Modelling against comparable agency Award structures was also undertaken.


This engagement provided our client with collated, empirical evidence regarding the extent of out-of-hours work performed by employees.  In addition to costed remuneration modelling options, the project also provided management with workload data and highlighted differences in team performance.  Our data expertise, extensive human resources experience, solid understanding of the business and its operations, allowed us to exceed client expectations regarding project deliverables.  We were subsequently asked to review role descriptions for this client.

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