Business Transformation

The world is rapidly changing, and organisations need to be able to quickly adapt to unlock their full potential and address changes in customer expectations and digital innovation.

Our team of performance analysis, digital and automation, community engagement and change management specialists work with clients to transform their systems, processes, strategy and culture.

We bring a customer-led approach to both organisation-wide and service-focused change and transformation projects, and we help clients to support continuing innovation, high performance and delivery of outcomes for customers.


Change Management

Centium assists our clients to be proactive in their approaches to managing change, whether it be planned approaches to predictable change, or responding to unexpected events in their operating environment that require rapid and innovative response.

We develop sound strategies aligned to business goals, deploy the right tools and resources, and share frameworks for adapting to changing market and business conditions. Our longstanding expertise in organisational review informs our tailored and contemporary improvement and implementation plans.  Our solutions include:

  • Organisation review and improvement planning
  • Strategy and reporting - review and integration
  • Service and expenditure review and evaluation
  • Structure and capability assessment
  • Policy review, redesign and staff training
  • Embedded improvement cycles for continuous learning

Digital Transformation

With rapid changes in technological capability and systems, we support our clients in making the shift to digital technology to produce better business outcomes. We lead client digital journeys in scaling new solutions and integrating them with their existing IT landscape.

We offer our clients technology independence, mutually beneficial partnerships and fit for purpose talent. This allows us to deliver the best technologies, offerings and solutions with the scale, speed and agility required by leading enterprises, while simultaneously minimising client risk.

Our digital transformation service offerings include:

  • Digital transformation strategy – cost and process efficiencies and business agility
  • Review and realignment of core digital capabilities
  • Enabling new products and service innovation
  • Brokering new and shared services
  • Reviewing advice regarding the management of supplier relationships

Business & Process Automation

Our digital innovation experts support clients to standardise processes and accelerate the development of automation. We support enterprises to develop and deploy robotics on a cloud-based, on-demand platform that is supplemented by best-of-breed applications.

 How we can help:

  • Data mining to map your processes
  • Digitising inputs and transform key process areas
  • Unique cloud-based Robotic Process Automation powered by Artificial Intelligence
  • Monitoring and reporting to identify non compliance

Data & Business Intelligence

We support our clients to maximise existing and new sources of data and business intelligence to achieve better performance, drive cost savings, and enhance performance improvement and cost efficiencies.

Our services include:

  • Reviewing performance measures to ensure alignment with strategy
  • Streamlining reporting and data collection
  • Performance benchmarking
  • Providing advice on or delivering Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT) analytics
  • Implementing new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems
  • Better utilisation of big data sets

Product Management

Product management is a strategic and value adding function that ensures the overall success of rolling out newly developed products. It involves tasking Product Managers with determining the product’s overall rationale and related business case – ie “Why do we need this product”?

Product management encompasses a broad set of ongoing strategic responsibilities. Smart organisations separate this function and assign tactical elements to project managers, such as scheduling and managing workloads. This distinct division leaves the Product Manager free to focus on the higher-level strategy.

Product Managers are also responsible for communicating product objectives and plans to the rest of the organisation. They must ensure everyone is working toward a shared organisational goal.

Centium is focused on enabling our clients to deliver effective Product Management, through:

  • Conducting Research: Wide-reaching research to gain expertise about the company’s market, user personas and competitors
  • Developing Strategy: Shaping the industry knowledge acquired from the research phase into a high-level strategic plan for the product—including goals and objectives, a broad-based overview of the product itself and a high-level implementation timeline
  • Developing & Communicating Plans: Developing a working strategic plan using a product roadmap and presenting it to key stakeholders across the organisation – ie executives, investors, the development team, etc. Facilitating ongoing communication across the cross-organisation’s functional teams throughout the development process and beyond
  • Coordinating Development: Upon receipt of the “green light” to move forward with the product’s strategic plan, working co-operatively with the relevant teams to finalise product marketing and business case development to begin executing the plan
  • Acting on Feedback and Data Analysis: Finally, after building, testing and introducing the product to the marketplace, utilising data analysis and direct feedback from users as to what works, what doesn’t, and what to add. Working with the relevant teams to incorporate this feedback into future iterations and ongoing rollout of the product.
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