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Guidance Paper for Councils

March 3, 2016

The Department of Premier & Cabinet has released a Guidance Paper to assist Local Councils and their staff to prepare for a potential merger.

The document provides guidance only. While recognising no decision has been made on any merger proposal, the paper suggests that Councils may individually begin preparing for a potential merger or, ideally, together with other Councils subject to a merger proposal.

The paper provides guidance on five key areas:

  • Communications and engagement
  • Human resources
  • Finances
  • Legal matters
  • Services and systems

The paper also sets out possible areas of responsibility for key council staff when preparing for potential change, including those for:

  • The General Manager
  • The Executive Team
  • Communication & Engagement Staff
  • HR staff
  • Finance staff
  • Legal staff
  • ICT staff

The paper is available for download at the DP&C site.

Having derived from the NSW IAB, Centium has decades of experience in assisting public sector entities in mergers, reorganisations and assimilations. We have strong and demonstrable skills in planning, deploying and evaluating such changes. From hands-on skills in records management, business continuity management, ICT mergers & migrations, corporate communications and engagement, human resource management as well as financial management, our team can provide Councils with practical, actionable and effective advice.

To find out more about how we can help prepare for a potential merger, contact any of our Directors for an informal chat.

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