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Whistling While They Work 2 Survey Results

December 8, 2016

Preliminary results from the  Whistling While They Work 2 survey have been released.  The study collected self assessed information about whistleblowing processes and procedures across 702 public sector, business and not-for-profit organisations from Australia and New Zealand between April and July 2016. It is the largest cross-section of organisations to participate in a single whistleblowing related survey to date anywhere in the world.

Preliminary results confirm the importance that organisations are placing on encouraging employees to report wrongdoing, but also highlight a number of areas for improvement including the need for law reform:

  • 26% of businesses and 36% of not-for-profit organisations (23%  of all organisations) had no particular system for recording and tracking wrongdoing concerns
  • 33% of businesses and not-for-profit organisations (23% of all organisations) did not currently have any strategy, program or process for supporting and protecting staff who raise concerns
  • 49% of businesses and 51% of not-for-profit organisations (38% of all organisations) indicated they did not assess the risks of detrimental impacts that staff might experience from raising wrongdoing concerns, either at all or until problems began to arise
  • Only 39% of businesses and 32% of not-for-profit organisations (46% of all organisations), provide potential whistleblowers with access to a management-designated support person inside the organisation as part of their response; and
  • Only 17% of businesses, 17% of public agencies and 13% of not- for-profits (16% of all organisations) have any mechanisms for ensuring adequate compensation or restitution if staff experience reprisals or other detriment after raising wrongdoing concerns.

For details and the full report, please see www.whistleingwhiletheywork.edu.au

Centium has been at the forefront of investigating PID and other matters across NSW government since 1985 as the NSW Internal Audit Bureau.  In fact, the NSW Ombudsman established a Memorandum of Understanding with us at the time as it found our external investigators to be well over and above the minimum requirements set out by the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation.

Our experience combined with specialist academic qualifications means we have a high level of understanding of the specific mechanics of investigations, credibility in dealing with staff at all levels of seniority and the impartiality to give independent, informed and confidential advice.

We are able to assist your agency in undertaking investigations across a variety of matters.  Our internal and external investigation services include the following:

  • Bullying/harassment
  • Code of Conduct breaches
  • Discrimination
  • Forensic services
  • Fraud and malfeasances
  • Grievances
  • Leaking of confidential information
  • Maladministration/mismanagement
  • Misuse of authority
  • Misuse of communication equipment
  • Misuse of resources
  • Public Interest Disclosures
  • Sexual harassment/assault
  • Training

We are able to assist your agency to establish internal processes, reporting and management thereby reducing risk.  To find out more, please contact Phil O'Toole or any of our other Directors.


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