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Coronavirus - Is your Business Ready?

February 3, 2020

The rapidly developing Coronavirus situation has significant implications for Australian businesses and government organisations.

The Coronavirus pandemic is unlike other potential disasters typically covered by your organisation’s Business Continuity or Emergency Management Plans.

Organisations must ensure that relevant risks are being anticipated and managed, employees protected, and business continuity preserved during prolonged uncertainty.

Are you confident that your Business Continuity and Emergency Management Plans are up to date and ready to cope with the potential impact on your operations?

Click here for more details about the challenges your business will face as the pandemic continues.

Contact Penny Corkill, Director Risk & Assurance for more information about how Centium can help.

In March 2020, the Australian Government announced a COVID-19 stimulus package, including $1.6 billion in tax relief to small business. Read a summary of the measures to support small business here.

The NSW State Government also released a stimulus package in March 2020 with measures to support small business. Find out more here.

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